An attraction spell that works fast

Need an attraction spell that will work fast? This attraction spell is both quick to cast and will start working immediately. Attraction spells can be extremely powerful and when cast in the wrong direction have unintended consequences. Make sure that you truly want the person who you are infatuated with, to become attracted to you before casting this spell. 

What you will need for this attraction spell

  • Red candle
  • Snuffer
  • Paper and pen
  • Ylang Ylang or Jasmine essential oil

Step #1: Write down your intention

Start by writing down your intention on a small piece of paper. This should include the name of the person that you want to become attracted to you and your desired result. 

Step #2: Inscribe your intention on your candle

Inscribe your intention onto the candle itself. We are using a red candle because this is the colour of love and attraction. You will be writing around the candle itself in a circular motion. You can use a summarised version of the intention that you wrote down on the piece of paper. The spell will work as long as the intention is meaningful to you.

Step #3: Apply the essential oil

Ylang Ylang is the perfect essential oil for a fast attraction spell. If this is not available then Jasmine essential oil will be a perfectly good substitute. Place some drops of the essential oil onto the palms of your hands. Place the palms of your hands on the base of the candle. Now run your hands with the essentia oil up from the bottom of the candle to the bottom.

Step #4: Fold and place your intention

Once you have written this down, fold the paper in half and towards yourself. Rotate the paper then do this once again, folding in half and towards yourself. Now that you have a folded piece of paper, take this and place it underneath the candle.

Step #5: Light the candle and make your incancation

Now light the candle and while looking into the flame repeat the following incantatio three times.

“As this candle burns,

So does attraction alight” 

Step #6: Let the candle burn to the base

You want to allow the candle to burn to the base. The candle should not be used again for another spell. It is important that this is handled safely. If you need to leave the room with the candle, use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame. Then once you are back in the same room as the candle, you can relight the wick. Once the candle has burned all of the way down to the base you can remove the stub. 

Step #7: Bury the stub

Lastly, take the stub from the candle and bury it at the base of the tree. It is not important that the stub is buried too deeply in order for the spell to work.