A white magic love spell that really works

If you desire true love then this is the white magic spell for you. This is a spell that will only work for those who are pure of heart and use their magical powers with good intention. If there is someone that you truly love, then use this powerful white magic love spell.

What is white magic?

In simple terms white magic is spell casting performed for purely selfless purposes. Throughout the ages we have called those who practice white magic healers, white witches or wise women. Because of the relation to paganism we also refer to white magic as being “natural magic”. Regarding this white magic love spell the key is intention. If you truly believe in your heart that both you and the object of your affection will have your lives improved through love, then it is white magic. If you are using this spell to seduce or take advantage, then it is no longer a white magic spell.

The importance of connection in white magic love spells

In order for this spell to work you already need to have a connection. Remember that this is a white magic spell so it’s going to make that celebrity crush or random stranger fall in love. Think of this spell as a way to open someone’s eyes to the love that already exists between you. The recipient needs to be emotionally ready to respond to the power of this spell.

What you will need for this white magic love spell

  • Red candle
  • Knife
  • Candle snuffer
  • White card 
  • Red pen or pencil
  • Cardamom
  • Lavender flowers
  • Rose petals
  • Red pouch
  • Rose essential oil

How to cast the white magic love spell

There are two parts to the white magic love spell. These involve candle and herb magic. Follow these steps in order to cast your white magic love spell.

Step #1: Preparing your pouch

We will start the spell by preparing your magic pouch. The timing for this spell is important. You will be preparing the pouch and using your magic candle on the first day of a new moon. A new moon is a time of fresh beginnings. It is an ideal time for attracting your new love. 

Combine the lavender flowers, cardamom, and rose petals. Place this herb mix inside of the pouch. As you place the mix inside the pouch visualise the object of your affection and repeat the following incantation. 

“True love is mine, together we shall be”

Now take this pouch and keep it on your person for the moon has completed its cycle and a new moon appears. You can wear it in your pocket, tie it as a necklace or whatever way is most comfortable to you. When you go to bed each night, place the pouch under the pillow and take a moment to visualise the person you love and repeat the incantation one more time.

#2: Dressing the candle 

Once you have prepared your pouch you will move onto the candle magic. This should also be performed on the day of the new moon. Place the candle on a table or altar before you. You need to dress the candle. Take the rose essential oil and rub into your hands. Now roll your hands up from the bottom of the candle to about the midway point. Remove your hands and place them at the top of the candle. Rub your hands down to the midway point. As you complete this action repeat your incantation:

“True love is mine, together we shall be” 

#3: Lighting the candle

Take your knife and inscribe into the candle your initials and those of your beloved. Light the candle and as you do so repeat the incantation one more time. Visualise in your mind’s eye the two of you together. See yourself together loving each other’s company. Play this out in your mind as if your relationship is already a reality.

Allow the candle to extinguish naturally. If you need to extinguish the candle before it has reached the stub because you need to leave the room or go to bed, then avoid blowing it out. Instead use your candle snuffer. It is important not to leave the candle unattended both for safety reasons and because you want the full energy of the candle for your spell. The spell will be fully cast at the end of this cycle of the moon.