A week of good fortune spell

Imagine a week where everything went your way. Seven days of good fortune in which all of your wishes come true. The week of good fortune spell will cast over the next seven days a halo of luck. Even better you can describe in exact terms what you want your good fortune to bring to you. 

What you will need for the good fortune spell

* A metal bowl

* Green tea

* Paper 

* A green pen or pencil

* A small green bag

* Green ribbon

* A smooth stone

How to cast the good fortune spell

Step #1: Focus your mind

First you need to visualise your week ahead. See in great detail all of the wonderful things you want to have occured over the next seven days. Now hold the smooth stone in your hand. Picture a warm glow of positive energy in your hands. See that energy transfer into the stone. Feel the heat in the stone as the energy imbues it.

Step #2: Fill the bowl

Place the green tea bag or leaves into a bowl of lukewarm water. It is important that the water is not too hot. Allow this to sit for about ten minutes. 

Step #3: Write down your wishes

Now on the piece of paper you will write down your wishes for the week ahead. It is important these match the visualisation that you did at the start of the spell.

Step #4: Place the paper in the bowl

Now fold the paper in half towards you. Then fold it once more again towards yourself. Place the folded paper in the bowl of green tea water. Allow it to sit in there for three minutes. After three minutes have passed, retrieve and leave it somewhere to dry. It is important not to unfold the paper.

Step #5: Make the good fortune bag

Once the paper is fully dried, place it in the small green bag. Now take the stone and place this also inside the bag. Tie securely using the green ribbon. 

You will now carry this small bag with you for the next seven days. This can be worn around your neck or in your pocket but should remain on your person through-out the day.