A Simple Knot Spell To Make Someone Love You

A Knot Love Spell

This is a very simple knot spell that requires very few things in order to cast. Use this spell to bind the object of your affection to you.

What you will need for the simple knot love spell

  • 1 pink string
  • 1 red string
  • 1 green string

How to perform the simple knot love spell

Take all three cords of string and braid them carefully together. Once you have finished braiding them together tie off the ends of the string. As you are tying off the cords of string visualize in your mind an image of the object of your affection.

Next tie a second knot in the braid. Again as you are doing this you should have a clear image in your mind of the person that you love and your desire to be with them.

Repeat this procedure of tying the knot s and visualizing unto you have done it seven times in total.

It is important to carry the string with you each day until the object of your affection returns your love.

Once you are united with the person that you desire then you should cast the string to one of the elements (wind, fire, earth, or sky) so that the two of you are bound together.

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