A Box Love Spell To Win Someone’s Heart

A Box Love Spell

This powerful spell helps you to attract the object of your affection to you. It iis important that this spell is begun on a beginning of the new moon so that you can use the power of the moon to strengthen the spell.

What you will need for the box of love spell

  • One black candle
  • One red candle
  • A self decorated box
  • A collection of nine love objects
  • A photo of the object of your affection
  • Glue

How to perform the box of love spell

First place a box which you have decorated yourself on your alter. Light both of the two candles and place one each side of the box.

Next you will need to locate nine objects that represent the love you feel for the object of your affection. These could be objects that they have come into contact or that have a special meaning to the two of you.

Next place the objects one by one into the box. As you place each of the objects into the box it is important that you focus clearly on your beloved. Hold the image of them in your mind for a few seconds while holding the object in your left hand. When you place them into the box you should glue them into place.

Finally you should take a photo of the object of your affection and place it inside of the box. As you do this concentrate very clearly of a mental image of the two of you together and being very happy.

Close the box and then place it somewhere in your house or garden where it will be in direct contact with the rays of the moon such as on a window sill.

Throughout the lunar cycle open the box and place your hand on each of the objects and the photo while practicing the same visualization exercise. This will help to repower each of the objects.

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