Magic Mirror Beauty Spell

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you have the glamour and beauty you would want, or do you see less than desirable? This beauty spell helps to bring out your inner beauty so that the world can see your best self. 

What You Will Need For The Beauty Spell

    • A pink candle
    • Jasmine Essential Oil
  • A small mirror (preferably silver)

How To Cast The Beauty Spell

Step 1. First begin by anointing the candle with the jasmine essential oil. As you anoint the candle work upwards and towards yourself using smooth motions. You want to strengthen the connection between yourself and the candle during this process.

Step 2. Now sit or kneel facing the candle. Light the candle.

Step 3. Hold the mirror up in front of your face. Look deep into the mirror holding your vision on your eyes.

Step 4. Now see the person that you want to be. Visualise yourself as the most beautiful version of who you are. If you want long, lustrous hair, then you should see your hair exactly like this. The more closely you can see this vision of yourself and believe that it will be realised, the more powerful the spell will be cast.

Step 5. Now repeat the following incantation:

“As bright as this flame burns,

So too turn does my beauty turn,

From shades of grey and gloom,

My true beauty will bloom

Goddess of light use your power

It is time for my true beauty to flower”

Repeat this spell every third day for a full month and see your true beauty surface.

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