How to cast a love beauty spell

A love beauty spell is a type of spell that is cast to create beauty and love in the caster’s life. Love spells are not just for people who are looking for love. They can be cast by anyone who wants to enhance their life with more beauty and love. 

Ingredients for the love beauty spell

A love beauty spell is a type of magic that is used to improve one’s physical appearance in order to attract love into your life. The ingredient used in these spells therefore are chosen to make oneself more physically attractive.

  • Rose petals 
  • Sea salt
  • Tea lights
  • Lighter
  • Mirror

The key ingredient is rose petals because they embody beauty, the water represents healing and the salt represents the earth. You might have a hard time finding rose petals in stores, so you can use dried ones from your garden or make them yourself.

How to cast the love beauty spell

To cast an effective love beauty spell you must have a clear intention and vision in mind. You must also sincerely believe in the outcome of the spell. Lastly, the spell must be used for good, not to coerce someone. If the person who you are aiming to beguile with your appearance has no interest or connection to you, then the spell will not work. 

Step 1: In a dishpan or bowl, place rose petals with sea salt and water, and mix.

Step 2: Place the bowl in sunlight. 

Step 3: Light a tea light in the dishpan and allow it to burn for 30 minutes. 

Step 4: After 30 minutes, take the bowl out of the sun.

Step 5: Pour your rose water into a small bottle.

Step 6: Dab your face on your neck, cheeks, and forehead with the rose water.

Step 7: Picture in your mind that beauty that you want the recipient to see.

Step 8: Chant three times: 

“I am beauty in everything I do”

The spell is now cast. Keep the bottle of rose water in a place that is close by, but will not be disturbed, such as a drawer in your bedroom.