How to cast an illusion spell

What is an Illusion Spell?

Illusion spells are spells that create an illusion. They are also known as glamour spells. The name “illusion spell” comes from the Latin word “illusio” which means “to deceive” or “to cheat”. 

An illusion spell is a power that allows the caster to make something seem to be different from what it really is. The most popular type of illusion spell is an illusion spell that makes a person or creature’s appearance appear different, such as making it appear younger or more attractive.

An illusion spell may also be used to trick someone into thinking something is happening when it’s not, or to make someone believe something that is not true. This type of magic can be used for both good and evil intentions.

This is a guide on how to cast a simple illusion spell. The process is not complicated, but it does require a lot of concentration and focus.

Temporary vs permanent illusion spells 

The caster must have a clear idea of what they want the target to experience and how long it should last before the spell will wear off. An illusion spell will be temporary, if you want the spell to be permanent then you will need to combine with a permanency spell.

What you will need to cast an illusion spell

  • A stick of incense 
  • Incense holder
  • Matches or a lighter
  • An altar

How to cast the illusion spell

Step 1: Place the incense in it’s holder on the altar. 

Step 2: Light the incense.

Step 3: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and concentrate on what illusion you want people to see.

Step 4: Now say “Illusion!”

Step 4: Take the incense stick and wave gently in front of your face.

Step 5: Place the incense back in the holder.

Allow the incense to burn down and the illusion is cast.