How to cast a glamor spell

Glamour spells are spells that are used to make the caster look more attractive than they actually are. Glamour spells can be used for both good and bad purposes. A witch may use a glamour spell to make themselves or their target appear more attractive in order to convince someone of something, or they may use it as an act of revenge against someone who has wronged them. 

Ingredients for a glamour spell:

  • A mirror 
  • A white candle 
  • A comb or brush
  • Perfume

How to cast a glamour spell 

Step 1: You must first know what how you wish to be seen. Decide on an image of yourself that you want people to see and believe. Picture this new glamorous, image of yourself very clearly in your mind.

Step 2: Begin by saying: “Tonight, I’ll be beautiful.”

Step 3: Place the candle on the altar and light it. 

Step 4: Now chant: “Beautiful, alluring, captivating” three times. 

Step 5: Comb your hair with a comb or brush. Begin running the comb through your hair and say: “Flawless flowing tresses”. Repeat this process at least a dozen times. 

Step 6: As you do stare into the mirror and see the image of the person you want to be.

Once complete place the mirror in a drawer where it won’t be disturbed for at least thirty days. The spell is now cast.