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Spell to remove negative feelings

Are you upset by something that happened to you? Or maybe you have negative feelings which are damaging your self esteem? Here is a simple spell that you can use to help remove negative feelings. 

What you will need for the spell to remove negative feelings

* Sage or frankincense incense sticks

* A piece of paper

* Ink pen

* White ribbon

* A stone

How to cast the spell to remove negative feelings 

Step #1: Write down your negative feelings

Start by writing down your negative feelings on the piece of paper. Include everything that is causing your distress.

Step #2: Hold the stone

Hold the stone in your hand. Feel all of the negative energy and bad feelings moving from your body and into the stone. 

Step #3: Light the incense

Light the incense sticks. Hold the stone downwards in your clenched fist. Move the stone slowly across the top of the lighted incense sticks. As you do so state the following thrice:

“Troubles that have plagued me

In this stone be contained

So mote it be”

Step #4: Wrap the stone

Now take the paper with your negative thoughts and wrap it around the stone. With this newly wrapped ball tie it together using the white ribbon.

Bury the stone or place it somewhere that it won’t be disturbed. You have now cast the spell to remove negative energy from your life.

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