Spell to get a dream job

Do you have a dream job that you are interviewing for? Or maybe you are searching for the ideal job and want to manifest it into your life. Either way, this spell will help you to find and land that job. This spell doesn’t require too many magikal items but does need to be cast at the correct stage of the cycle of the moon. Allow time to make sure you can use the spell to get your dream job.

When to cast the spell to get a job

This spell will be cast during the time of the new moon. During a new moon it will not be visible from the Earth. A new job means a time of growth and change in your life. You want to harness the power of the moon when it’s energy is fresh and vital. In order to maximise the energy of the new moon, this spell to get a new job will be performed outdoors.

What you will need for the spell to get a job

  • A bath
  • Herbs: lavender, sage, rosemary, sweetgrass, peppermint or chamomile
  • 3 Red Tea or Chime candles
  • Small altar

Steps for the spell to get a job

Step #1: Purification

Before casting the spell to get a job you will first under go purification. When embarking on a new challenge like winning your dream job you bring will usually bring with you negativity. Perhaps you have limiting beliefs about the type of job you can get or your ability to perform well in an interview situation. Maybe you have had a bad previous work experience, such an unpleasant boss or disagreeable colleagues. Before you can begin this new spell we need to purify this negative energy. The easiest way to perform this purification is through bathing.

Prior to beginning the process ensure you are going to have time for quiet and solitude. Your cleansing purification bath is not a time you want to be disturbed. Next light candles so that the bathroom has a soft lit hue. Turn off any electrical lighting. Soft classical music can also enhance the mood of your purification bath.

When you run the bath add herbs to the running water. This is best done by tying the herbs in a muslin bag, then letting the water run through them. There are a number of different types of herbs that you can use for this purpose. These include lavender, sage, rosemary, sweetgrass, peppermint or chamomile.

Once you are immersed in the warmth of the bath, allow your mind to relax. Clear yourself of any negative thoughts. Visualise the water as washing away any negativity from past experiences. Embrace the feeling of being cleansed by the herb enthused by warm waters. Once you feel that all of the negativity of these past experiences have been cleansed, leave the bath. As you pull the plug to the bath visualise the water that is draining away, is also washing away any past negative experiences.

Step #2: Collect materials and cast the circle

Now collect your materials for performing the ritual outdoors. For this you will be using red tea or chime candles. You don’t have to use tea or chime candles, but these are generally the most suitable for one time spells such as this one to get your dream job. We choose red candles because in candle magic red is the colour of change, courage and overcoming obstacles. We want to harness these powers as you embark on winning your perfect job.

The number of candles, three, is also important. Three is a magical number that reappears in religions across the world. Most of us will be aware of the holy trinity. In Eastern religions we have Heaven. Earth and Hell. Three is also the triple goddess, the maiden, mother and crone. Crucially for us, three is the number we use when we have a goal, but we are not yet sure exactly how we will achieve it.

For this spell you will also want to use a small altar. As you will need to take your altar and candles outside, so you can absorb the energy of the new moon.

Once you have collected your materials head outdoors. This spell can be performed at any time during a new moon. If it is possible to gain access to a hill top location then this is ideal, as this will place you closest to the energy of the moon.

Once you are at your location, place your altar in front of you. Before you begin the ritual you first want to cast the circle. For the purposes of this spell you can cast a very simple circle for protection. Simply point in each direction of a compass, rotating in a clockwise manner. At each point of the compass recite “I cast this circle to protect myself, keep out negativity let in love”.

Once the circle has been cast, you will be ready to perform the spell.

Step #3: Lighting the candles and reciting the incantation

Place you three red candles upon the altar. You are going to light each of these three candles in turn. Kneel before the altar and lighting the first candle recit the following aloud.

“The job I desire will be mine
I will succeed, now is the time”

Light the next candle and recite the same incantation. Perform this for the third candle as well. Leave the candles lit and visualise in your mind’s eye performing confidently in the interview. Really feel how easily and competently you answer the questions from the interviewers. Then see what it is like to be offered the job. Perhaps it is your future employer smiling and shaking your hand or maybe it’s the phone call confirming that you have received the job. The important thing is to make sure that it feels real to you.

After you have completed the visualisation take a moment to reflect and calm the mind. Then extinguish each of the candles in the reverse order so you lit them.

Step #4: Remove the circle

Stand up and in a reverse clockwise direction point to each of the four points of the compass. At each point recite “Now the circle fades away”. Once you have removed the circle the spell is complete. Take your altar and candles, confident in the knowledge that your dream job will be yours.