Spell to boost your courage

There are times in our lives when we need a little more courage. Maybe you need to give a public speech or maybe you need to tell someone a long kept secret. This spell will give you the courage that you need to take action.

What you need for the spell to boost your courage

* Two yellow candles

* One moonstone

How to cast the spell to boost your courage

Step #1: Light the candles

First light the candle to the right and while doing so say:

“Candle of the right 

My inner strength do ignite”

Now light the candle to the left and state:

“Candle of the left

My path ahead be blessed”

Step #2: Hold the moonstone

Hold the moonstone tightly in your hand. Face your palm downwards and pass your hand over the top of the candles. Be careful not to hold it so close to the flame that it burns your hand.

As you are doing this state:

“From these candles fire

Invest this moonstone

With the courage I desire”

Step #3: See your future

Now for one full minute, close your eyes and see yourself acting courageously in the way that you desire. See yourself completing the courageous act three times. 

After this minute of visualisation say the following:

“Courage is now within my heart

My course of action doth now start

So mote it be”

The spell for courage has now been cast.