Clairvoyant dream spell

The power of prophetic dreams have long formed an important part of human culture. Ancient people understood that dreams could show us future paths. Some of history’s greatest leaders used this power to guide their actions.

In modern times dreams there are numerous accounts of dreams that foretell the future. In the two weeks prior to his assasisntaiton President Abrahama Lincoln told his wife and friends about a dream he had. In the dream he was walking through the White House when he came across his casket placed in the East Room. This was exactly where his casket would soon be placed after he was killed.

In Wales in 1966 nearly 150 people were killed in a massive landslide from a collapsed coal mine waste dump. A psychiatrist John Baker who went to the town after the disaster, noticed that many of the residents had premonitions of the event. When he put an advertisement in a London newspaper asking for further written accounts, he received sixty replies. 

This clairvoyant dream spell will help you to unlock your own powers of prophecy. This spell is easy to cast and will increase in accuracy as your skills develop.

What you will need for the clairvoyant dream spell

  • Valerian tea
  • Notebook & pen
  • Cedar incense stick

How to cast the clairvoyant dream spell

This spell should be cast just before you go to sleep. Allow for about twenty minutes of preparation time prior to your regular bed time. 

Step #1: Drink the Valerian tea

Prepare and drink the Valerian tea. After you have fully drunk the ten spend one full minute take a series of long, deep breaths. 

Step #2: Light the incense

Light the Cedar incense sticks. Cedar incense will empower your latent psychic abilities.

Step #3: Focus your mind

Now spend five to ten minutes training your mind to look toward the future. To do this start by visualising what will occur tomorrow. See in very clear details the events that you will know for certain will take place tomorrow. For example, you may see yourself brushing your teeth in the morning, the lunch that you will eat, a television show that you know you will watch.

Step #4: Keep the notebook by your bed

Keep the notebook and pen by your bed. When you wake, either during the night or first thing in the morning, immediately record any images, dreams or thoughts in your notebook. Spend some time to recall as much detail as possible.

You will want to continue this process over the course of a full month. Over time you should notice that your visions of the future will become both more detailed and accurate.