Change your life spell

There comes a time in each of our lives when we need a change. What has worked in the past no longer is working. We may be struggling to make that transformation which will take us to where we want to be.

This is the spell for those situations. The spell to change your life can be that catalyst that can allow you to completely reinvent yourself. This spell works when you are clearly able to identify the changes you want to make. But you can also use this spell when you know you want a different life for yourself, but you can’t clearly see what those changes might be.

A word of warning before we begin. Be sure that you really do want to make these changes to your life. There is the saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. This is a powerful, positive spell but whenever we make a change we leave something else behind.

If you are sure that you are ready to leave behind your old life and emerge like a butterfly from the chrysalis, here is the spell to change your life.

What you will need for the change your spell life

  • A green candle
  • Altar
  • Green card

When to cast the spell

A change in your life is a time of new beginnings. It is perhaps no surprise then that we want to harness all of the power of a new moon to make that change. When there’s a new moon it is barely visible. The night sky during this phase may appear almost completely black.

For this, we will use five green candles. In magic, the fifth element is that of the soul. It is this number which shows that we have the divine within us and that we are each capable of great things. We will use the power of five in order to change our life for the better

Green is the color of abundance. When making our change to our lives we want to make sure it will be something that elevates us.

How to cast the change your life spell

Step#1: Casting the circle

To begin our ritual we will start by casting a protective circle. Because we are bringing forth a change in our lives, it is important that we don’t bring any negative energy as the spell is being cast. We are going to use our minds-eye to cast our circle. 

If you haven’t used the power of visualisation before this may seem a little strange at first. But, as you continue to cast spells you will find it helpful to be able to build your abilities in the area. Casting a circle using visualization is the perfect way to start to refine these abilities.

First you need to identify the size of the space that you want the circle to protect. For this spell it will be sufficient to cover you and your altar and a few metres radius to move comfortably within. Feel free to cast a larger circle if this works better for your situation. 

Start by pointing the palm of your hand towards where you want the center of your circle to be. Now visualise a beam of blue energy coming from your hand to the floor. See this “pool” in the centre of the room. Then visualise as that pool slowly expands in a circle of blue energy. Move that circle outwards until it covers the circumference of the area that you want to protect. When you have made the circle say out loud “the circle is cast”.

Step #2 Charging the candle with your energy

To start we will create a connection between the candle and caster. You are going to charge the candle with your energy. This process is known as dressing a candle. For this you are going to need to use a natural oil. One popular, and readily available, option is to use grapeseed oil.

Start by applying the oil to the middle of the candle. Then rub the oil upwards to the top and then from the middle down to the bottom. 

Step #3: Writing and visualising your goal

Now on the green card you are going to write down how you want to change your life. This may be in the form of an incantation. If you are unsure exactly what you want your life to change, this can be a generalised statement, but it must be positive. You can start with “I will become…” and then include all of the positive things that you want your life to change into. 

Now fold the paper and visualise in your mind’s eye, all of the ways that you have said that you would like to transform your life. See these things as if they have actually already occured. See that brighter future and take a moment to really live it. Feel the positive emotion that is associated with your new, better life.

Now offer the following incantation:

“My life today, my life tomorrow

The paths diverge

And change will follow” 

Now hold one corner of the paper to the flame . Allow the paper to burn. Be careful of course not to burn your fingers. You will want to have your fire safe bowl close to hand. Once the paper is burning, drop it into a bowl. Allow the candle to burn down to the stub.

Step #4: Closing the circle

To end the spell we will now remove the protective circle that you cast at the start of the ritual. Again in your minds eye visualise the blue energy that encircles the space. With your hand palm face down, see this blue circle of energy slowly contract. Eventually, it should be a “puddle” of blue energy at your feet. Feel the energy as it comes back up into the palm of your hand. And once the energy has been reabsorbed “The circle is clear”.

Take the stub of the candle and the burning paper. Bury both of the ashes of the paper and the stub outside somewhere that they won’t be disturbed.