How to cast a forgetting spell

A forgetting spell is a type of spell that is used to make someone forget about something specific. This type of spell is often used by people who want to protect themselves, or others from the memories of past events. Spells like these can often be cast on oneself or on others. 

The process for casting this type of spell is not difficult and it can be performed in as little as five minutes.

What you need for the forgetting spell

  • A picture of the person that you want to cast a forgetfulness spell on (or yourself)
  • Black ribbon
  • Lemon juice
  • Sea salt
  • A glass of salted water

How to cast the forgetting spell

Step #1: Dip the tip of your index finger in lemon juice and trace it across the lips of the person of the picture three times.

Step #2: Then sprinkle salt on their lips three times while saying “I forget” three times.

Step #3: Roll the picture and bind and with black ribbon. Saying “With this I bind thee”.

Step #4: Place the bound and rolled picture in a glass of salted water.

End by stating “So mote it be” and the forgetting spell is cast.