Banishing spell to remove negative energy from your home

Do you feel your household is plagued by negative energy? This banishing spell will rid your home of negative energy and replace it with positivity and calm.

What you need for the banishing spell

* Sage smudge sticks

* Salt

* Broom

* Brass bell

How to cast the banishing spell

Step #1 Open the portals to your home

Start by opening each of the portals of your home. This includes any windows and doors. Right now the negative energy is contained tightly within your household. If you don’t allow this energy the opportunity to escape then the rest of the spell will simply move it around your home.

Step #2: Light the smudge sticks

Light the sage smudge sticks. Walk in a clockwise direction throughout your home. Keep walking until you have completed a full rotation of your home. As you are doing it repeat the following incantation.

“Evil and trouble begone,

My sacred home is reborn,

So mote it be”

Step #3: Ringing the bell

Now that you are back to the original location room that you started from. Take your bell and again, in a clockwise rotation, move through your home, ringing your bell. This will help to remove any spectral creatures that may be haunting your house.

Step #4: Salting the doorways

As a final step to cleanse your home of negative energy, sprinkle salt in front of your doorway. Now take the broom or brush and push it out of your home. 

You have now completed the spell and banished the negative energy from your home.