Spell for good fortune

This spell for good fortune can deliver what you most desire. By harnessing the power of the moon and combining it with simple magic, you can create the luck you need. 

Harnessing the lunar cycle

Timing this good fortune spell with the phases of the moon is critical. The connection between humankind and the lunar cycle is ancient. The growth and harvesting of crops are intimately tied to the cycle of the moon. So too is the harvesting of our own good fortune tied with these lunar cycles.

Each phase of the moon has its own specific function. Our own activities will be directly influenced by these phases. By understanding the unique power of each phase of the moon we can harness them in our spell casting. 

The easiest way to think about the lunar cycle is to think of the four week period where the moon goes from no visibility to full visibility and then revert back to the dark moon. This spell should be cast during the waxing of the moon. This is the period during which the amount of illumination of the moon is increasing. So shall our own fortunes increase.

What you will need for the spell of good fortune

  • Hem incense sticks
  • One lemon
  • China plate

How to cast the spell for good fortune

Step #1: Cut the lemon

Start by cutting the plum into two equal slices. Lay the lemon face down on the china plate. 

Step #2: Insert the incense

Insert the incense stick into each of the lemon halves. Light incense.

Step #3: Focus your mind

Breath in deeply inhaling the incense. Clear and focus your mind. Visualise the good fortune that you want to come your way. See the events that you wish to have unfold in your life.

Step #4: State your intention

Now state your intention out loud by inserting into the following incantation. If for example you wanted a pay rise you would state.

“Winds of fortune blow my way

And bring me the luck I need

A pay rise I desire

So mote it be”

The spell is now cast. Allow the incense to naturally expire. The spell is now cast.