How to cast a werewolf spell

There are many different types of werewolf spells that can be cast. The first type of werewolf spell is a protection spell. This is a spell that is used to protect the person from being attacked by a werewolf. The second type of spell is a binding spell. This is used to bind the person to prevent them from transforming into a werewolf and attacking others. The third type of werespell is an exorcism or cleansing ceremony, which aims to cleanse the person’s soul and remove their curse as well as any evil spirits from their body.

What is a werewolf?

A werewolf is a mythical creature of folklore said to be able to shape-shift into a wolf or a man. They are also referred to as “Villagers of the night” or “menwolves.” The term werewolf is derived from the Old English word “werrewolf”, composed of the elements wer meaning “man” and wolf. This in turn was derived from the Old Norse vérr meaning a “man-wolf” or an “outcast” and vulfr meaning a wolf.

What you’ll need to cast the werewolf spell

In order to cast the werewolf spell, you will need a few things.

  • A black candle and a white candle.
  • Some wolfsbane (an herb).
  • Water and salt.

A black candle is used to invoke dark magick and negative energies. A white candle is used for purification and protection. Wolfsbane is an herb that can be found in the wild or at your local nursery and it has been proven to repel werewolves. The water represents cleansing while the salt represents protection from evil spirits.

How to cast the werewolf spell

Step #1: Get a black candle, and set it up on a flat surface

Step #2: Take the wolfsbane, and grind it up in your hands until it is a fine powder

Step #3: Place the powder in the middle of the white candle. You should see some smoke rise from your candle because of this.

Step #4: Shake salt onto your wet hands. Now you need to get water from anywhere. You can use tap water or any other source so long as there are no chemicals or impurities in it. You can even use dew on a leaf or water from a stream. Place the water on the black candle

Step #5: While the water is still on your black candle, make a circle around it with your fingers and say “I call upon all power of nature to be made manifest”

The werewolf spell is now cast.